Welcome! It has been a true labor of love of our arrival here. I still can’t believe Mimi and I have met over 10 years ago as friends and collaborators for her jewelry collection. What started as one conversation over lunch became countless ones at Mimi’s dining table co-creating all of these gorgeous pieces in this website.

It has been such an expanding experience for us driven by our commitment to ourselves to express our creative voice through our love of jewelry. Often times as women we tend to put the needs and desires of our children and families above our own.

This is us re-claiming that forgotten part of ourselves.

We now have a real appreciation for anyone who has started a business and seen it through with dedication, patience, precision, love, and a lot of faith. We’ve certainly had our fair share of hiccups and re-dos yet wouldn’t have it any other way. We intend to use this blog for you to discover our design process, share educational information, and to provide insight through interviews with inspiring empowered women from different walks of life that resonate with us.

Every piece has had its journey and we hope you enjoy our jewelry as much as we do!



Image of rings- Our collaborations spanning over a decade! Katty is wearing a Kate and Mimi sample eternity emerald ring from our current Carved Leaf collection and Mimi is wearing a gorgeous emerald ring that Katty and Mimi worked on for Mimi years ago.