What it means to be a Woman

The sculpture above is a photo of "Affirmation' by acclaimed sculptor Heloise Crista that I took while I was at the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Taliesin home in Arizona. She epitomizes what Kate and Mimi means to be a beautiful woman. Strong, objective, intelligent, wise, nurturing, and embodying an unwavering strength that oozes from the inside out.

It’s easy to unconsciously become divisive or isolated during the Coronavirus outbreak and political unrest yet it also invites us all to come together in the face of adversity. Our beliefs, actions, and words matter creating ripple effects to those around us whether we like it or not. I’ve gotten more reflective this past week having come back from the sacred land of Sedona, Arizona with my sister. I deepened my belief that we are all the same with the desire to be seen and heard after another marvelous retreat in Scottsdale with my community Leap Forward.

International Women's Day was yesterday and I was excited to write this newsletter because it fills Mimi and I with joy to announce our official partnership with the Lower East Side Girls Club. We have specifically chosen this amazing organization to donate 5% of our proceeds of the year to them. Managing director Erikka James graciously took us on a tour of the state of the art facilities a month ago and we were moved by everything we saw. It was apparent to us the unlimited power the girls have to discover within themselves when we saw them chatter and cluster about in the beautiful space.  The many avenues of exploration available to them include fashion, photography, entrepreneurship, leadership, mentoring, podcast studio, nutrition education, rooftop garden, movement, planetarium, and meals all at no charge. That along with the resources, support of a passionate full time staff, and teaching artists made it an easy choice. To donate, volunteer, or learn more about them please visit https://www.girlsclub.org



Front Entrance




Mimi has a history of supporting the New York Common Pantry and recently attended their annual Fill The Bag Benefit honoring Sara Moss and Peter Diminich at the Ziegfeld Ballroom. Kate and Mimi has made a donation to contribute to the cause of providing over 1 million NYC people in need of meals, a haircut, an I.D., a farm share, a Thanksgiving dinner, and time with their family. Their message of compassion, sense of purpose, and connection resonated with us and we hope to spread that in our own ways as well. To donate, volunteer, or learn more about them please visit http://nycommonpantry.org.

Now that we have confirmed our official philanthropic partner we are planning some exciting upcoming events so you can see them live and to purchase. You can be empowered knowing each purchase is not only  a gift for you, but a gift for future generations of girls you may never meet. We believe in investing in girls because they become the powerful women, mothers, and leaders of our communities. We employ and consider mothers as part of our DNA. We chose a dear friend who is a talented developer/super mom to help us on this website and we plan to employ more in the future.. As moms we understand family comes first and there is no real separation of family and business. It is organic that one blends into the other and they are both important. Our talents and multiple skills gained from motherhood is a strength and make us better.