Forevermark Diamonds

Kate & Mimi has designed an exclusive collection using Forevermark diamonds in collaboration with Magnolia Jewelers. We are committed to beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced diamonds for the Key Collection, Carved Leaves Collection, and our spectacular one of a kind pieces.

Why Forevermark

We have chosen Forevermark Diamonds because they are hand selected and only 1% of the world’s diamonds adhere to the strict criteria to become a Forevermark diamond. Every Forevermark diamond is given an inscription that represents a three-fold promise: that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription includes the Forevermark icon and the diamond's own, unique number. All Forevermark Diamonds can be registered on to store your unique identification number and diamond details, providing reassurance that your diamond is uniquely yours. A Forevermark Grading Report, produced by expert Gemologists, comes with diamonds over half a carat, and can be requested for smaller diamonds above 10 points. The report features the unique identification number inscribed on the diamond, a bespoke security hologram, and an accurate blueprint of the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat of each diamond. 


Discover how responsible diamond sourcing works and how Forevermark is committed to supporting the advancement of women, to ensuring that each diamond is natural, untreated and conflict free, and preserving and protecting the habitats and species of the natural world.

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Our Forevermark Carved Leaves Collection

The Carved Leaves Collection is a celebration of the timeless beauty and magnificence of the intricate ancient Mughal Indian tradition. It is meant to bring a dose of opulence, inspiration, and wearability worthy of a queen to your day to day life. These gems historically have special meanings to the wearer as described below.

The lush green emerald leaves represent truth, hope, peace, abundance, and growth.

The vibrant red ruby leaves represent courage, passion, and rebirth.

The iridescent blue sapphire leaves represent wisdom, artistry, and harmonious connection to nature.

Discover our Forevermark Leaves Collection here!

Our Forevermark Key Collection

The Key Collection is our answer to creating a personal keepsake that is both beautiful and functional with the design of the double sided function. One side has a remarkable Forevermark diamond in LOVE’s center and dazzling pave set diamonds on the other. 

Discover our Forevermark Key Collection here!



Our Forevermark Exquisite One of a Kind Collection

Our one of a kind pieces are the Waves of Hope pendant and the Woven RIng.

Waves of Hope encourages people to ride the wave and not to lose hope in times of need. A Forevermark Diamond is in Hope’s center while the other side depicts waves and an eternal ombre of blue sapphires in the sky represented in rays.

Discover our Forevermark Waves of Hope pendant here!


The Woven Ring is a sculptural study in woven leather, except we are weaving diamonds instead. This piece is intricately set in Forevermark Diamonds and microset with smaller diamonds to produce the woven diamond effect.

Discover our Forevermark Woven Ring here!