About Us

Kate & Mimi is a luxury jewelry brand that is designed by women for women. We express our creative voice through our love of jewelry to celebrate women. We believe that each woman is unique and exceptional by nature possessing multi-faceted brilliance much like our gemstones and diamonds. In our company’s inception, we made the purposeful decision to donate 5% of our proceeds from every purchase to local organizations that benefit women and children in our local community here in New York City. 


We share an appreciation of thoughtfulness, beauty, history, and excellence in craftsmanship. We hope our jewelry brings a dose of opulence, inspiration, joy and wearability to your day to day life as it does ours.

Our Story

Katty Lau and Mimi Lau are New York City downtown natives and met over ten years ago through family associations and have been friends for years. Over the course of time they have bonded over collaborations on creating jewelry pieces for Mimi. 

Katty is a mom of two young children and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Fashion. She is a third generation jeweler and had been working in her family's jewelry business for over ten years with experience operating retail, being an international buyer and designer for retail and private clients. Mimi has worked professionally in floral design with an eye for beauty and a passion for nutrition before taking time to raise her three boys, two of which are now in college. 

As women and moms from different generations, it all started as a casual conversation over tea about where we are in our lives and and where we want to go. What emerged was we felt a little lost after years of prioritizing the immediate needs of raising our families and wanted to create something for ourselves. We felt the need to reclaim our voices, our creativity, and independence from our traditional roles and personas. We discovered our desire to create jewelry reflecting what we found missing in our own jewelry. Timeless, modern, heirloom-worthy jewelry made of the best materials and craftsmanship we can responsibly source to wear with confidence every day. We wanted jewelry designed to be worn in multiple ways and would seamlessly blend with our existing collections. We shared an admiration of the beautiful jewelry seen traditionally at auctions, museums, and the great historic jewelry houses yet didn’t feel them to be personal, relatable, or wearable. 


We donate 5% of our proceeds to local organizations that benefit women and children in our local community in New York City. We are committed to our personal mission of independence and with each sale, to support another women with their journey towards independence

Besides being present and nurturing moms, Katty and Mimi have a history of community service volunteering time and money towards the causes that they care about. Katty is an active member of the NYC chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association organising mentoring events in collaboration with GIA, a former board member of Keoni Movement Arts for children, and an active community member of the non profit Leap Forward. Mimi is an active member at her church teaching Sunday School to the precious children there and donating to local charitable causes.

Where and How It’s Made

We chose to use Forevermark diamonds for most of our first collection to provide the rarest, most beautifully crafted, and responsibly sourced diamonds in the world for our women to wear with full confidence. All of our jewelry is made with the highest standards of quality and with conflict free diamonds.